What is it?

We all come to this earth with life missions or things we need to transcend for our spiritual evolution, however, there is the Universal Law of free will that lets us live our lives according to our own decisions and follow our own paths.

Since we were born we have spiritual guides, which many of us call angels, who are there just to guide us at all times, according to our missions. The way they do it is through the Intuition.

Intuition is felt from the heart and makes us understand things in a very clear way and without the intervention of reason. But it is also very subtle, and we humans love to work with reason and that’s when we question everything and make decisions according to the Universal Law and not always following our guide.

I am simply a medium between your spiritual guides and yourself. I am the translator of that subtle voice, which is your intuition, and you. I give you all the necessary information they want to communicate to get out of a stressful, difficult situation, or simply a guide to know where they advise you to go at certain times of your live.

How does the session work?

It is not necessary to follow any religion, this is simply a divine connection.

The sessions are approximately 2 hours and can be in person or by videoconference. During this time, I connect with your angels, and while we talk about the situations that are creating this block in you (difficult situations or stress, moments where guidance is required, etc.) they will give me the information I am going to be communicating at all times to you.

Just as we need this guidance, it is also sometimes necessary to work certain situations through exercises that the angels recommend, or else, they canalize energy blockages or health situations at a spiritual or physical level. This only happens if they believe it necessary.

To end the session, 3 questions are asked to the Kabbalistic letters called “the 72 sacred names of God”. These letters simply give an answer in the form of a guidance to any question you may have.

The well-being of the session is that people realize, with the help of their angels, that they have the internal capacity to heal any situation they are living, help themselves, and observe patterns that are not helping in its evolution.


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