About me

Since I was little, things that were very difficult to understand were happening to me. As I was seeing and hearing things that are not normal, or completely accepted by all of society, I decided to simply hide it and deny that part of myself.

I studied economics and worked a lot in Online Marketing, so my rational side played an important part of my professional development, but not the spiritual one.

Little by little I realized that it was important to also transcend learned patterns that were hurting me, start listening to that guide that had always been there for me, and accept who I am. Once I recognized it, everything settled down so that my path started to align towards one of my life missions, which is helping others. I realized that this mission was also one of the greatest wishes of my heart.

When I began to walk this path, I learned that angels are so compassionate, loving and understanding, that they always honor our decisions according to our free will and are always there to guide us but also to respect our decisions.

For me, this has nothing to do with the religion we follow or do not follow. It is simply being able to be a spiritual being and have that divine connection.

Nowadays I combine the guiding sessions with being a web developer. Through which I have discovered that spirituality and rationality are not opposed. Following your heart and opening yourself to the divine connection, make your life balanced and fulfilling.