I hope that from heart to heart I was able to help you and that your angels have given you the necessary guidance to face the moment you are in.

Please leave your review so that other people, who do not know these sessions, can have the confidence to receive the guidance they need.

6 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. When I came to see Cecilia, I was quite confused about what to do, what to think and how to deal with a personal situation.
    She set the scene, made me feel very comfortable and helped me understand and deal with it.
    Cecilia is a very trustworthy and sincere person and I am very thankful for what she helped me realize. I’m sure this was not my last session with her.
    Thank you!


  2. Cecilia’s therapy is a wonderful experience for those of us in need of guidance or that wish to clear blockages. It is a secure space where she connects with beings of light and allows you to express your anxieties, fears, doubts, etc, so they can help you out. This therapy is a wonderful way to pursue spiritual growth. Plus Cecilia is a very honest and sensitive professional. I totally recommend her and will go back.


  3. Hello there!
    My session with Cecilia was really special, comforting and helpful.
    Got very good advice and direction on matters where I felt bit lost and hopeless at a time.
    Also got three Mantras which are helping me to continue with this process of acceptance and healing.
    I highly recommend it!
    Thank you Ceci 🙏🏻


  4. Cecilia made the entire process a comfortable experience, she address all my concerns in the most loving and gentle way possible and helped the communication flow. She answered my questions and provided me with a fresh outlook on my concerns.

    It has been a wonderful session and Cecilias has been nothing but kind, sweet and professional.

    Thank you so much for shining your light on me!


  5. Sessions with Cecilia are truly illuminating. She is full of understanding and good advice that always help me make the right decision. Through the sessions, I got to learn things about myself. I have been going to psycho therapy, since I was a child, due to some difficult situations that happened to me. I was open to tell my stories, problems that bothered me, but I never came across anyone who was actually willing to give me some return information, help me solve a problem or find a way out. Psycho therapy was for me a one way experience. Sessions with Cecilia are on the other hand, genuine guiding sessions. I get information in return, that indeed help me find a way out. Cecilia’s solutions are simple, mostly being a confirmation of some deep thoughts and feelings that I had. But still the words, the advice she gives me, stay in my mind. Even after the sessions, I remember to apply her words in the problematic situations for me. She also has a very strong energy, that is for me like some sort of healing. The experience however is hard to describe, you should really experience it by yourself. I recommended Cecilia to many of my friends, and they were all positively surprised. I would really encourage anyone to try, because there is absolutely nothing to lose, only to get. Someone that listens to you with so much empathy, kindness and true guidance. A real friend.


  6. I was impressed and deeply touched after the session with Cecilia. She is a special human being, that could really feel how I felt, it was like I didn’t need to explain much. The session itself was a very emotional experience for me. After it, I felt some sort of liberation. Cecilia helped me to see some things differently and encouraged me to work on issues that have been very difficult for me. She is a person that one can trust, open up to and feel as if you know her your whole life, even though you see her for the first time. It was a great pleasure for me to meet her in person and do the session.
    She also worked with my 4 year old grandson, who is unfortunately diagnosed with autism. Of course, this was not a real session, because the boy is very young and also he doesn’t speak. But it was incredible for me to see how he reacted to Cecilia. He instantly connected with her, he let her approach him. I could tell that he felt her energy, and that this did good for him. The boy is generally not comfortable communicating with strangers or letting them approach him. But he even hugged Cecilia, he was communicating to her in his unique way and she also knew how to respond. My grandson diagnosis is something incredibly difficult for our family. Cecilia gave us many advice on how we should get closer to the boy, so that he hopefully can one day feel comfortable of letting us become a part of his world.


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